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I enjoyed reading this article and viewing the tutorial that I purchased. I like your style of presentation and the information content is straight forward. I am not new to programming, but am new to web programming. I am learning web programming to allow me to telecommute while living in the mountains of north Georgia.

I am looking forward to more of your tutorials.

S/ W. Richard E.

This is one of the best explanations I have seen to describe the different types of web pages. I am a beginner in web design and would like to learn more about database driven sites without spending a fortune. I am going to check out the videos on your site. I will certainly keep you in mind and link back to you.

Thank you.

Andrea C.


Hi Stefan

I have enjoyed the video tutorials on Dreamweaver and web site design on your Killer Website, they were well done and extremely valuable. I ended up buying the downloadable version of the Dreamweaver set. I am keen to get up to speed on MySQL and using it from php.

Best regards

Mike R.

Hi Stefan,

Just wanted to let you know that your tutorials are awesome. I am not a php programmer, but by watching your tutorials I was able to create an advanced search feature with multiple queries for an inventory that is kept in phpMyAdmin.


Brow 51

Hi there Steafan.

I just want to say thank you for your online tutorials! I am a DTP designer for a newspaper, but I have always wanted to design and code websites, as there is good business for websites in my country (Swaziland, a kingdom in South Africa).

You have really changed my life for the better, as now I know HTML, JAVASCRIPT & CSS! Combine that with my design & layout experience, and you get the best web designer in Swaziland!


Siphesihle Z.
Senior Graphic Designer



Thank you! I just watched the introduction tutorials on the Zend Framework and PHP OOP. You do a tremendously good job at explaining it for noobs like me. Really well laid out, taking in account all the elements that noobs don't have a clue about. I'm really looking forward to more .

In any case, thank you for the help already.

Kind regards,

Willem Van den B.

P.S. Oh, and you're funny, too, which makes it all the more digestible.

Dear Stefan,

Could you please build a Flash & Photoshop video tutorial collection? I enjoy your delivery style and content for your other videos. Your delivery style (repetition, analogies, step by step simplication) helps me understand complex web design & database concepts. Frequent visitor to Killersites & Idea 22.




I am taking a class in Dreamweaver CS3 through my local community college. The professor is using the Hands-on Training book by Garrick Chow. I find this instruction very confusing, but I could easily follow your instruction in DREAMWEAVER CS3 VIDEO TUTORIALS on your website. I watched all the tutorials. Now I am wondering if you have more tutorials available that will guide me through building the rest of my site which is due to my professor at the end of next week.

Thank you,

Jane M.


Dear Stefan,

Your website is a godsend. A few years ago, I learned just enough about web page design to build a few very basic sites - all hand coded. (I'm too old to start learning Dreamweaver). Then after buying a new Mac, I lost the secret of revising the HTML and saving it so it would open as a page. I was dead in the water and considering hiring a local geek to help me out. When I found your page "How to create an HTML document in Mac (OSX)" it unlocked my brain freeze.

Thank you.

Bob M.
Temecula, CA

Hi Stefan,

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated the CSS tutorials you’ve put together: just what I was looking for: a small amount of code but displaying a lot of functionality. The videos really glued things together too.

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.

Best wishes

Mark A.

Hi, Stefan Mischook

Thank you for a very good and easy to understand tutorial on Web Design 1. Now I like to learn how to design/build more advanced site. So, I wounder if you have any other Vidoe tutorial/book on this subject? Do not send me to a bookstore. I like your method. You could, however, suggest a book or a video tutorial.

Best regards

Samir K.

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