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I just purchase your web design program yesterday and watch it last night for an hour. I already like it so much. Great job.

Thank you

Dell D.

Hi Stefan,

Great articles, great videos. I can related with a lot of your advices.


Marcelo de F.

Hi stefan

My name is angelo, I recently purchased your tutorial on dreamweaver and I must say it is a great way to learn new soft wear at fast forward speed! i was building web pages within a day of the tutorial, the flash stuff by mr romano is even better his voice just works by osmosis, planting knowledge in my brain.

Angelo V.



I have watched all your videos posted and have much more knowledge about PHP that I have never dreamed about.

Thanks for your help,



Thank you so much!! This is just what I have been looking for, as I know nothing at this point. This looks like even I can understand it and look forward to going through each stage -- which may take me awhile, but I will get it eventually.

I have read and looked through Lesson 6 so far, and stopped before I got totally overwhelmed. But you certainly have done a fantastic job of laying out everything step by step.

Thanks again,

Barb K.

Hi, Stefan!

I heard the Intro to your Business of Web Design course yesterday. And wow! I couldn't’t wait to learn more. You are so engaging and interesting to listen to!!! I’ve been in the web design business for a while now (since 2000) but I don’t make much money with it because I tend to get clients that love to negotiate the lowest price possible, etc. and I just follow along like a puppy. J I’d love to hear all your tips and tricks for really making a living in this business. Since I love ALL things web, I’d be in total bliss if I could just learn from someone who has been in the business successfully, how to really do this thing!



Just wanted to say Thanks! For the Tutorial. You did a great job writing it and explaining it in a very understandable way. I hope you do more.

All the best!



I kind of owe my web design abilities to you as I purchased a video tutorial from you about a year and a half ago so, thank you. Since then I have produced multiple sites and continue to work on more.




Thank you thank you thank you. You took the mystery out of HTML. Hopefully now we can get our website up and running. So glad you were out there.



I'm really enjoying your work.

I goggled CSS and your site stood out for accessibility and visual appeal.

Now that I am following the 'bouncing ball', I am learning quite a bit of useful information as well.

Thank you for your good work,


Hi Stefan,

I just finished your Web Design for Beginners. I loved it. I'm still going back everyday and reviewing cause there's alot there. What I need to know is where do I go next.I want to make sure I finish all of your courses. So please point me in the direction to go next.

Much appreciated,


Hi Stefan,

Thank you again for the Dreamweaver tutorial and your "killer" branded sites. Along with Dreamweaver, CSS and PHP are making a lot of sense to me (I just need to get a handle on MySQL). Anyway, I'm in the process of rebuilding everything (non-flash, that is) to bring my sites up to current standards.

Really Stefan, you're a god-send.



Dear Stefan,

I have just completed the Dreamweaver video and would like to congratulate you on a superb course. You have a teaching style that totally demystifies the process of designing a web page.

I took a course last year that was supposed to introduce me to Dreamweaver, instead I came away from the course only knowing how to create table driven pages. Unfortunately I do not have the time to spend creating web pages "the old way" and now look forward to creating superb 4th generation web sites.

Please can you let me know if in the future you create any new courses (I will be taking the rest on your websites asap!). Thank you for a superb course I will be recommending you to others.

Best Regards

Damien O.
Business growth midlands

I can't even begin to tell you how much help and insight I have gotten out of the "Killer Web Site Building Videos." I am a teacher, so I can definitely tell you what a gift you possess!

Thank you so much,

Jackie N.

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how helpful your Web Design CD is. As a beginner using frontpage, it helps me understand a lot of what's going on!

Thanks Again,

Steve B.


Hey, Stefan

I ordered and just finished the tutorial on building a website and wanted to let you know I thought it was very informative. I began with a "building web pages for dummies book", and got the basics of html but what a headache! With your video, however, everything is so much more clear to me and is obviously more updated info. I wondered if you have another videos or maybe some suggestions on what my next step should be.




Your website tutorial is what I have been seeking for absolutely ages! It is absolutely wonderful and I commend you on this work.

Marvelous!!! I can finally move forward.

Patrick T.

"I just got your video guide to build your own web site. I am really enjoying it; it’s hard to believe how easy it is. Well done."



"I just finished video 2; you did a great job with them. Are you going to be doing more … your tips and suggestions are great."

Daniel G.

"I have to tell you though; I really appreciate your newsletters, web sites and now, the Web Design Video Tutorial I purchased a bit ago. Really love reading all of what you have to say and how you say it!

I am enjoying the series so much! I don't want to go to Video 5 until I can see Video 4! I never wanted to go into a lot of detail, just learn the basics of HTML and that is what you've done...thanks! Oh, I also think the price you charge is really great, you could have charged a lot more and for me, a struggling entrepreneur, that means a lot! Thanks again!"

Jiselle K.

"I just though I would drop a short note. I have just tried your web design tutorial after trying several others. I learnt more in half a day than in the last 2 weeks. You provided enough grounding to allow me to go back to 1st Page 2000 with renewed confidence."

Dave H.


Dear Mr. Mischook,

Thanks for making the video's.

I am in the process of moving from GoLive to Dreamweaver. Your video's beat all the books I bought so far!

Kindest Regards,

Gerlach B.
(The Netherlands)


My name is Steve and I am sort of new to the whole CSS and HTML web building. I have built websites for the past couple years in Flash and I just recently graduated by I understand how big of an impact CSS and HTML style websites are today. I am not sure how much credit you get for your tutorials and websites but I wanted to thank you for both because they both helped me greatly. I wanted to buy several books to learn but I came across your tutorials first and everything was hands on instead of you just telling your own examples, you actually show them.




I am a self-taught website designer and I have been trying to find ways of building a 'quality' site and after reading some of your site I know I used to use many of the things which should not be used now like the little animated under construction guy and the flash intros.... This used to make the sites look really professional, but as you say it now only annoys people and is bad practice.

I will be using a lot of your tips and advice, I can honestly say I have never read a website that I have found so useful.

Thanks, Kind Regards

Nicholas S.



Thank you for this website and tutorials!! You are a good teacher and I am learning a great deal from your resources.

Again, thank you so very much for your slow, thorough, and effective training in CSS. You have given me hope, and joy in learning this very important facet of Web Design.

Thais D.

My name is Matt. I've been lazily playing with HTML and CSS for a while. As a matter of fact, I've been playing long enough to become (at least in my own mind) proficient at bringing together a decent website.

I've been playing with JavaScript, and I've been trying fruitlessly to gain a decent grasp of the interconnection between the variables, methods and functions. However, I spent my day yesterday watching and challenging your videos on PHP programming, and they have been the key in truly understanding what I'm doing when in comes to those variables, methods and functions.

Thanks to your tutorials I've been able to finally wrap my head around the true abilities of scripting and programming in web design. I don't mean to say that I've peaked in any way, I only mean to say thanks for providing a free service that has successfully pushed my level of thinking to the equal height of my dreaming.

Your tutorials make a great class. Keep 'em coming!

Thanks again,

Matt W.

Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much. I really enjoy reading your tutorials and I have learned a lot from watching your HTML videos.

I started to learn windows/web programming from home about two years ago, first used VB2005 then switched over to C# using the FREE Express IDE from Microsoft before starting to learn ASP.NET 2.0 using VWD 2005. I became interested in PHP after watching your early php videos........

Now, thanks to your tutorials/videos I have decided to stay with PHP because I prefer your style of building web sites from the ground up. This way I always know and understand what's going on and how to make changes!

My focus is on learning OOP PHP / SQLite for my building websites and always look forward to watching new videos from you!

Many thanks again

Regards meanwhile

Alan M.


Hi Stefan,

I have just seen your videos on They are really grate. I must appreciate your effort. In fact they made me to request you more stuff like that. Do you have more videos or pdf materials, like how to use class objects in db connections and how to use them for front end interface.



RE: Learn basic html and CSS

Thanks for the simple explanations for a graphic designer like me, it is very hard to grasp the coding part. Your explanation of what a div is and does is the first time I have ever understood!


I would love to see an example of taking a psd file, which is how I usually start. And then go to Step One, Step Two, etc to turn it into a web page. Just a suggestion, if you need a simple one, let me know!

Sue L.

I just completed the beginners Flash tutorial and it was GREAT! I've been a print media Graphic Designer for over 15 years and realized I need to keep up with the times and learn web. Now that I've completed the beginner course, I'm ready for the intermediate and advanced tutorials but couldn't find them on your site. Are they available for me to purchase?

Itching for more

Gin D.



Thanks for the introductory videos on OOP with PHP. I've been writing PHP for a long time, but now my projects are getting complex so the need for OOP is upon me. I'm using every source I can get my hands on and I found your particularly good in covering the basics.

Thanks again!

Bruce F.

Thank you for your very simple and informative CSS tutorial, I have been trying to wrap my head around it for awhile now and finally decided to sit down and play around with it. You tutorial made it very easy to play around with the settings and see what does what. I prefer to reverse engineer pages, I learn better that way :)

I will be checking out the rest of your tutorials!


Chris C.

Hi Stefan

Firstly, Thanks for the interesting basic web design help website that you have created. I find especially helpful since I had not knowledge on web design and your explanations is quite idiot-proof and easily comprehendible. It does a lot for a web design noob myself.

Best Regards,

Ye C.


Hi there, Stefan,

I'm a new student studying Computer Science here in Malaysia. (I'm a Malaysian, btw.)

I somehow stumbled upon your site about a year ago, & I truly, truly love your articles. The tutorials are a great help as well.

So I want to say, THANK YOU & keep up the wonderful site !

Uvanetha A.

Dear Stefan,

My name is Jack, I am a budding website designer/programmer from New Zealand. I have just started some work experience at a proper web design business and I would just like to thank you. Your cut the bullshit tutorials have got me out of some spots.


Jack P.


I just wanted to compliment you on the articles and the videos you have produced. You have helped me tremendously by explaining things that otherwise seem to me as a foreign language. You are doing a great job.

Well I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful content you provide on your emails and website. I am trying to learn all of this.

Thanks for your informative website and videos. I definitely will continue to follow your teaching.

Teresa C.


Hi Stefan.

I have been going through your tutorials I purchased a while ago, and they are just fantastic.

Thanking you. Sending you my very best regards,

John T.

As promised a while back here is a recommendation from me for you product:

As someone who wanted to develop a website with absolutely no background knowledge was the ideal solution.

A great range of templates and all the online help I needed, particularly the video tutorials which show you how easy it is when the experts are there to guide you through the process. 12 months on I feel very competent and am planning a career for myself in web application development - Wouldn't have happened without you!

Darren (UK)

Dear Stefan --- Just finished going through your Css Tutorial at CSS .. nice going, eh! Tried a bunch of other sites, and couldn't get it working right, now I'll be have to get a part-time job just to fill in all those hours I used to spend coding HTML!! lol!!! Seriously though, --THANKS A BUNCH! Finally got it working!

Brad N.
Surrey B.C.


Hi Stefan,

Just to say thanks for putting the time and effort to pass on experience for absolutely nothing. Your tutorials were absolutely useful and much clearer than a lot I came across.

Much appreciated!


Dear Stefan,

Thank you for your excellent, easy to read tutorial. It has been a great help to me.

kind regards,

Joanne I.

I use your service to tell me when our website is down. It is great, so thank you for providing that.

But I was wondering if you provide historical information of when our site was down and when it was back up.


Scot W.


Hey there Stefan, I stumbled upon your PHP lessons today and I've got to say, I love them. You are very thorough in your explanations and I catch on much easier than I would using other sites with written tutorials.

Anyways thanks for your time in responding and keep up the amazing work!

Ben McL.

Thanks for the info on the database driven websites. I really needed it and there are very few articles that I have found that are "reliable". THANKS!!!

Babee F.


Your latest video (on firefox add-ons) has been very useful and the video presentation etc is the best I've seen in the three years or so of watching pc videos.

Please keep up the very good work.

For example, I have had the firebug and colorzilla on my pc for some time, without realizing how VERY useful they actually are and as I am digging deeply into the whole web design/development stuff, your learning videos are the best.

Yours truly

elwaltura (WE-UK)



my name is John, i'm from New Zealand. Just thought i'd let you know i've just been through your whole series of tutorials and they are awesome! I've learnt a lot and am going to go put it into practice and make a website.

Just wanted to say thanks!

John P.

Hi Stef,

I was very impressed with you basic php videos, and would very much like to learn more.

I have been creating basic web sites for various clients and want to grow with my knowledge, for better sites.


Rich L.

PS. I thought your style of teaching was as good as I have ever had with many years as a Support Technician.


I FINALLY got around to looking at the Flash tutorials that I purchased. I'm about halfway through the first one. I can only say one thing...I don't think you're charging enough. That looks like a LOT of work for the measly $20 I paid for it.

Just thought you should know.

Thanks again,

Ed C.


Hi Stefan,

My Name is Sampath, I am from Sri Lanka. I am a software engineer by profession and involved mainly in oracle back-end development. And never done any web-development before. I am very keen in learning HTML and CSS and while reading articles on CSS I stumbled upon your tutorial.

I just wanted to say thank you! It was very helpful and fun.

thank you once again,

Best regards,

Sampath K. S.

Hi, just wanted to write and say that I enjoyed your beginning tutorials for programming (Javascript). I welcome the way you break it down and simplify it from the beginning. I agree it's much easier to grasp in this way and then the rest would make more sense. I've actually got text books on DHTML that aren't quite so user friendly.

I'll also recommend your site to some friends that also want to get involved in web design.


Vinnie A.

Excellent tutorials on oop php. Please keep them coming. Personally I thing that the video lessons were the best, but too bad they were only available on the most basic ones. I guess it is more time consuming for you to make, but I listen faster than I read :-) I would be very happy if you took it a step further, and not only the syntax of oop php, but common techniques and "good practices". Just as you did in the first lessons.


Harald R.


Thanks for taking the time and energy to put the CSS tutorials out there for consumption.

Definitely got me off to a good start.



I just purchased the Webdesign # 1 Video Tutorial. The best presentation on web design I have ever seen. Its much better than books.

Thanks for your work.

Chris P.

Thanks Stefan,

I looked at your Wordpress tutorials and they are terrific... I saw Video 1 of 8... but where are the other 7? You do an awesome job of teaching these things.. keep it up man!

Thanks again,



Dear Stephen

Really Thanks for your css tutorial. It really help's me to improve my skill set in the CSS.

Manoj S.
New Delhi(india)

Hi Stefan,

I bumped in to your tutorials and it was just what I was looking for. I kept trying to figure things out but the CSS and HTML were explained separately everywhere and I am a non-techie, so I had a tough time putting it all together. Your tut put it into perspective for me.

Many thanks and keep up the splendid work.

Warm Regards,

Mitra D.

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your little tutorial abut CSS. That was really helpful and a good start into the nice world of CSS.

All the best,




Thanks for your response and for taking care of me. It does matter. I can't wait to get into those templates. Thanks for the videos, I really enjoy your teaching methods and style. As a beginner, you need to see some progress right away, and I did. With your tutorials, within hours I had learned more than all my previous months of trying to learn on my own.

I highly recommend your tutoring products to anyone looking to get great results quickly. Now I even know what Cascading Style Sheets are,along with how to use them. Thanks Stefan, You Rock!

Chip L.
Ohio U.S.A.

Hi Stefan ..

A thanks from another Stefan :)!

Had a look around on your CSS tutorial site which I found helpful thanks! You are right, a little hard to get your head around at first but it starts to make more and more sense the more I play with it. Not an expert in web development at all.

Stefan v.d.B.

What a great teacher!!!

Thank you for providing this instructional video. I feel confident now that i will be able to create web sites and thus find a job.

Great HTML and Dreamweaver instruction!

Mary Beth R.


Hi Stefan,

I just wanted to tell you your intro on dynamic web pages was very helpful and I have a basic grasp on some of the terminology. I hope you write more articles like this!


Rana S.


How are you today? I'm a graphic designer learning motion graphics and web design. I've been going through tutorials at for Dreamweaver and I gotta tell ya I've learned far more from you in a tenth of the time. Your videos were great and everything you said made such clear sense. I feel more comfortable writing code now and understand web design. Beforehand I knew zero code!



Thanks Stefan,

I think you guys do a great job. As a freelance web designer your online tutorials are easy to follow and less expensive than taking a class. Keep up the good work!

Francis H. N.


Hello Stefan,

Thank you very much for your contributions. We will certainly give credit where credit is due. Going forward please expect to see a lot of traffic from my students. I'll make sure to point them in your direction. Again, thank you for your wonderful contributions!



Hey Stefan,

... just wanted to say that your videos are perfect man.




Downloaded Flash, Everything is working great. I'm very happy with all the tutorials.

Thank You, a very pleased customer!

Edwin G.


Loved the dreamweaver tutorials I've always wanted to learn it thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

Jason S.

Hey guys,

Firstly, congratulations on the php tutorial videos. They're simply amazing. I'm just starting out and every other tutorial assumes far too much. Stefan is a brilliant teacher.

Thanks for your time.



Excellent work on PHP. I just finished your video tutorials. The content is very specific and the course is very well paced.


Nasiruddin K. A.


Hi stefan, thank you for this recent tutorial. I didn't belive webdesign could be simplified and made easy like this. I have personally recommended it to friends and fellow practioners. Please keep up the beautiful job you are doing to educate all of us.

Bufa W.

Hello Stefan, my name is Eric, I just wanted to applaud you on your site and mainly your Killersites Forum. I don't know if you had something to do with the personalities that dwell within it, or if it was just luck, but either way, job well done! It is one of the very few forums (the only one I have found) without the likes of deathshadows and such, that with every answer they give, will also lecture you to death and infer how mentally inferior you are to them. For the most part, within the KS forums, lives nice, helpful, and smart individuals who are kind enough to lend a hand at someone's time of need. I plan on someday joining the likes of LSW, Shelfimage, Newseed, and etc, and helping others, as they do, get into this rewarding endeavor of Web Design. Good luck to you, and take care Stef!

Eric W.

Hi Stefan

Have just visited your sites and particularly interested in your course, "Business of Web Design". Where are is the rest of the course?

You are a very good teacher, keep up the good work.

Many thanks

Manus M.


Hey great job with these tutorials. I am an aspiring coder (right now I am a designer who wished to know more about coding) and I found that these tutorials are very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to attempt to teach PHP and MySQL. Keep up the good work.


Hello Stefan.

After hunting for like days on how to work with images and CSS, I landed on your page, and I'm thinking why didn't I get here before the other sites I went through. Yours was a one stop solution to my design issue. Thank you so much for your newsletter. Keep em coming. There no amount of gratitude that can be expressed to people like yourself who selflessly impart with their knowledge.

Keep up the good work,

Thanks again

Rahul S.

Thanks Stefan,

Your lessons on How to Build Websites was quite concise and easy for newcomers to follow. Good job!



Hi from New Zealand

I have recently been introduced to PHP and I find your tutorials very helpful.

Many thanks and please keep up the good work. I could not find any that I could follow on the internet. At least not as easy to understand as your tutorials.

Many Thanks

Stephen T.

Hi Stefan

Killerphp site is simply great. Excellent work !! Hoping for more videos on 'mysql'.



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