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Over the years, we've received many testimonials about the many different Killersites tutorials and articles. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and are sharing it here:

I can't even begin to tell you how much help and insight I have gotten out of the "Killer Web Site Building Videos." I am a teacher, so I can definitely tell you what a gift you possess!

Thank you so much,

Jackie N.

Dear Stefan,

I was given the responsibility of creating a website for a non-profit organization. This is a whole new area for me and so I went onto the internet for information and found How to Build Websites.

Your website is so good. Your explanations in ordinary language are very, very helpful to a neophyte such as myself. The real exercises, e.g. creating a page from html is fun and alleviates the apprehension that I've had about venturing into what has seemed to be a mysterious and complicated process.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your contributions and work.

Beth Ann B.
Glen Mills, PA


I have just read your article at killersites and found it easy to read and comprehend. Thank you for taking the time to inform the general public who often find it difficult to get information in an understandable language You asked if there was more information we would like...I would like to answer....yes please anything to add to the knowledge base would be appreciated.

Thank you again,




Thank you! Your websites have met me in my frustrations and really helped to move me along in my desire to understand and create websites. I am very appreciative, I have become a killersites devotee.


Hey there

Just wanted to say thank you for the tips. I watched the first video on css and really liked it. I think it's alot easier to understand in a video form.



Hello Stefan! Thank you again for all your wonderful tutorials!!

Do you have any tutorials for working with Content Management Systems? I know it's a long shot, but I had to ask. Your site has helped me so much, I can't even tell you. Thanks for always providing such great information!

Wendy R.



I just opened up a webpage and it happens to be a dynamic webpage. You're article titled Database driven websites: what are they and how are they built? is very informative. I also love the simplicity of the article seeing how I have no clue on how websites work. I do wish you could link all the internet and website vocabulary to a brief summary, this way I could stop and quickly learn about that item. Almost like wikipedia.

Thanks once again.

Carlos A. M.-H.


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your dreamweaver tutorials for beginners! I spent hours watching other videos, not understanding anything they were talking about. I downloaded the free trial of dreamweaver and had decided that I would never learn to use it--I decided to search one more time for "beginner" tutorials and I'm so glad I did. You are awesome!!

Thanks Again,

Heather J.


I'd just like to thank you for producing the tutorials/videos for OOPHP, this helped me greatly understanding how object oriented programming is done.

Thanks again,



Hi Stefan

I often refer to your site as I find it one of the most useful sites for cutting the bull when it comes to web design.



Thanks a lot Stefan. I really love the Actionscript 2.0 tutorial which so clear and easy to understand.


Hi Stefan,

I thought I would drop you a note to say that your tutorial was great. I am not much of a reader because most of the time it goes over my head but following your tutorial you kept it together. (my head) I am going back now to your site, I hope there is more. Great Work, thanks.

Kind Regards

Chris Foster


Hello Stefan,

First of all, I want to tell you how much I enjoy the content and info you have on Killersites. You truly ROCK! I just bought a template for a travel website that I want to modify for a friend and his wife. They have a small company and enlisted me to design their site. I'm new to all of this and I visited your template website and was impressed with the variety and styles.

Thank you so much,

William S.


Thank you very much for your helpful PHP tutorials you posted on

I live in Tajikistan, that is small mountain and post Soviet Union country north from Afghanistan. In my country i know only one PHP programmer, i want to be second one :).

I'm interested in everything you have, from beginner to ZF, MsQLY, i don't need Ipod, because we don't have them here.



Thanks a bunch Stefan! You are a very good teacher. Your tutorials are really easy to understand. Keep up the good work!




im Gandheera from Sri Lanka working as a web developer. i haven't use CSS to design web pages. now im going to learn CSS. i really enjoyed your CSS tutorial. i search www to learn CSS. after all i got the perfect tutorial which is simple but can learn a lot. thanks. now i want a little bit advance layout. so i can edit and learn a lot. Stefan.. could u please mail some advance samples. and also tell me is there other web sites to learn those. also i request u to continue your tutorial. please don't stop from CSS PART 3. ok. the way you teach is really nice.

thanks again.


Hi Stefan,

I came to your site about 2 weeks ago through google search engine when I looked for good, simple and clear tips on how to build a good website, especially on the field of designing it. I found many valuable articles on your site, and it's nice to visit your site and dig up every page of it. your articles are very helpful!

Thank you. God bless you.

Anis from Indonesia

Dear Mr. Stefan,

The php videos posted by you on are very helpful. The way it has been taught is remarkable.

Thanks again,

Best Regards,

Pradeep, India


I'm a small businessman in a very big, competitive city. I have an idea for a web application that can really enhance my business if I can get it written (I have no programming experience at all). However, I find that the expense is too large for me to pay to have it written for me. So, I found an online tutorial for html and css. These two written tutorials got me started - I learned some tags, but not how to write a web page. I then bought a php/mySQL book for beginners. I worked through all 400+ pages and the accompanying CD. At the end of all this work I was intellectually excited to continue learning, but STILL could not do anything functional for my business.

Then I found I did their php and mySQL videos and WOW - I got real, usable information in a structured format that makes perfect sense. I just purchased the web design video from and can't wait to get started. By the time I complete all the videos I will be able to write a web page and connect it to a mySQL database using PHP. The video instructor, Stefan, is a talented teacher. He has created a resource that is perfect for the beginner that wants, or needs, to get some real work done.



Dude love your tutorials on php...thanks for that, i don't think anyone explains stuff so well.



My name is William. I've just started my own webcomics site. I thought it was going to be easy but for me it's been more of a challenge then I thought. I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you. I knew nothing at all before I came upon your site but know I'm doing OK not an expert by any means but your site got me up and going enough to understand what I was doing instead of just shooting in the dark. Again thank you so much for your great site.



Hey stefan ive been on your website for hours and hours finding it more and more helpful every time i read and listen to your videos.


Hi Stefan,

I have just seen some of your Dreamweaver videos and I think they are brilliant. Well done and keep up the excellent work. I will be purchasing some videos from your site shortly.

Best regards

Paul - from London, England

I have read your CSS tutorial, it's excellent.



I have tried to find a site to learn php and then I found yours. I have learned alot and still learning. Do you have DVD or more videos on php. Can you give me or do you have material for sell on the subject.




I just purchased Beginners Dreamweaver 7 and 8 and Web Design #1. I am happy with the knowledge filled tutorials. You did a great job! I use the Windows Vista (unfortunately) and have watched the video many times.

Keep up the great work!


Hi Stef,

how are u? hope your fine. thank you very much for your amazing videos. i love them. do u have videos like creating projects. for ex: how to create a registration page etc...

Regards Good Luck!



Hello there Stefan,

Id just like to say thank you, and how much i am enjoying your tutorials on CSS, HTML and the like. I am only a beginner and would really like to take it further, so thank you very much.

Much appreciation from Australia,


Santo hello,

Let me thank you for the great video tutorials Gosh it made a great difference to me,


First of all allow me to congratulate you on such a phenomenal job with the PHP videos...I have about 4 yrs looking such type of tutorials, not web monkey nor any other site has offered what you so generously share with others. It is like almost being in class with you.

Thanks A Million Stefan.



hello stefan

Hope you are doing good.I have mailed just to say that you were excellent and outstanding in terms of your html videos for starters,I went through them and was very easy understanding them,im waiting for more from you,also im very much eager to to know abt how to put photgraphs and change colours in the webpage.Anyways wanted to compliment you.Keep up your good work stefan

kind regards



Thank you. It worked and my son wants me to convey his appreciation to you. He already created a web page he says! That is testimony to how good your videos must be.

Thanks again,


I am starting to learn how to design websites with dreamweaver, thanks to articles and videos on your site. Thank you and please keep them coming.



Hi Stefan

Your website have very much learning source and very helpful. thanks for such a great site u made. I am by profession Web Designer. Just started leaning PHP 5. i am taking help form ur website. Keep it up guys Good luck!!

Thanks & Regards


Good evening Mr. Stefan.

I just want to thank you for your wonderful website and video tutorials, I am actually a newcomer to the PHP and HTML world. The videos have been very helpful so far, I download the ones for iPOD.

Thank you once again for making a video for newbies like me. More power to you.


I can not tell you how much your videos have helped me. I have a php classified site I bought off ebay and need to learn how to resize the pictures.

My goal is to learn php. I would like to see more tutorials devoted to "extensive php language". Wished you had a tutorial on "web promotion"

Thank you again



Hi Stefan,

I'm sure you get tons of email so I'll keep this short. You mention in your OOP tutorial that designers tend to screw up code when it's not object oriented. As a designer, I know what you mean first hand. I'm a web designer, but more and more recently I'm learning that it pays to know programming as well as design. My PHP skills are not too sharp, but I'm learning quickly thanks to yours and other tutorials on the Internet.

I particularly enjoyed your OOP PHP tutorials and you really helped me get a better grasp of OOP principals and how to use them when creating projects for clients. Yours is the first video tutorials I've seen on the subject. I would really be interested to see you do some jQuery tutorials and non-beginner PHP tutorials.



Thank you!! A clean, concise article that's very EASY to understand. Most people write like we're either idiots or "Oh, they know this stuff!".



I've been viewing your php videos to get a handle on using php. I don't have any programming background of any kind. Your videos have been very helpful and easy to follow. The videos are helping me to make head-way to understanding that which I once thought as way beyond of my abilities. So, I just want to take a little time and thank you for providing these extraordinary videos that making learning a language much, much easier.

Thank you



Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how helpful your Web Design CD is. As a beginner using frontpage, it helps me understand a lot of what's going on!

Thanks Again,

Steve B.

Hey, Stefan

I ordered and just finished the tutorial on building a website and wanted to let you know I thought it was very informative. I began with a "building web pages for dummies book", and got the basics of html but what a headache! With your video, however, everything is so much more clear to me and is obviously more updated info. I wondered if you have another videos or maybe some suggestions on what my next step should be.



"Please make more tutorials, I was very happy with tutorial ... I will buy any tutorial you make. "

Sheila S.


"I wish I had found your videos sooner! I have written several websites with tables and am just making the transition to CSS. You've clarified a lot of things for me and I'm really thrilled that I downloaded your videos.

Thanks for all your help"


Dear Stefan,

Wow! Thank you for sharing so freely your knowledge & expertise. I just learned more skimming through your lessons than I've been able to get from any other source regarding what's involved with WEBSITE DESIGN & Maintenance.

Now I can choose to be an informed consumer re: who I might hire for WEB support & make a better decision about how to proceed. My husband & I are both do-it-your-selfers, so the temptation is to allocate some time to do just that. In any event, I appreciate your logical & progressive teaching style, actually all made sense!

It's true: it is a killer site!

Mil gracias from Tucson, AZ,


"I got a copy of DW 8, so I'm all set, but thanks for the offer. So far the tutorial is excellent and I am really learning how to do this. Hopefully later on it will show me how to import templates I purchased so I can work on them. Then I need to tackle Flash.

If you use customer quotes in advertising, I would be more than pleased to give you one. It's an excellent product (your tutorial) and very affordable, I'd like to support you any way I can. Plus I love the Chicago accent."

" ... Forget the Dummies books on website building. Before you'd be through the table of contents, Stefan has you building your own website. His instructions are clear, simple, and basic. If you've ever wished you had a pro over your shoulder to tell you what to do next, these tutorials are for you. There is simply no better deal on the market."

-David E.


Hi Stefan,

Last December, I bought and downloaded your "dreamweaver and beginners tutorial lessons'. I'm so glad I did which enabled me to establish a website for our "mini-golf-club" here in Northern California.

You made it so clear, concise and made it to a point that I believe anybody who wants to create a website can do the same. My hats off appreciations to your well thought out instructions and the effort you have put into it.

I've attached our website for your review at your convenience and consider you as my ultimate critic to my creation. Now through this website, my club can communicate our common interest better, easily and effectively.

My best regards,



You have no idea how much a 71-year old deeply appreciates your help ...

Marvin G.

Hi Stefan,

Please more php tutorials. Your last collection came along just as I was looking around for options on how to learn the basics. I came across your tutorials on Web Designer magazine. Fantastic. Simple to follow and exactly what I needed. So please, more of the same.




Dear Stefan

Your tutorial on CSS is great. I studied several tutorials but I should have read yours first in order to be able understand the whole story.

Paulo A.

Hello Stefan

I am also a website designer but i cant work on back end,I like your article, its very clear and easy to understand.


Website Designer


Anyway, thanks again. Your guide is the clearest I've found on the net so far.




I just wanted to say thank you for the descriptive post on dynamic and static pages. I am a new employee in a development-oriented NGO and it is my job to do all the research on CMS capabilities for our various sites and as we get more complex in our services, so do our needs and thus, the programs we work with. I have to teach myself new jargon and learn about different functions at every step of the way and your piece was very helpful.

Keep up the good work!



I just finished your "web design 1" tutorial. I am more than pleased with what I learned. Your style is relaxed, easy and informative. I got more out of your video's than I have in the books I purchased trying to learn on my own. What a value for $20. Thanks so much. I'm sure I will be making use of your forums section as I put together my website.

Thanks Again!

Tony F.

Hi Stefan,

Received your Flash for beginners CD thought it was brilliant!! so helpful, I am now going to purchase another CD from killersites. Is there a part 2 of the Flash course? Do you have any other CD's that will help me in my web design development?

Thanks again for the tutorials...Quality!



Hi Stefan,

I have greatly enjoyed your videos on Web Design and PHP, and I have also purchased Santo's videos on Flash and Actionscripting. I was wondering if you planned on making, or already have, videos that teach beginners how to use PHP in conjunction with MySQL to make database driven sites. Your teaching style just makes everything so easy to understand, and if I can avoid having to try others first I would really like to.

Thanks for your time and wisdom,

Damien C.

Hi Stefan,

Yes you can use my email for a quote! No problem at all!

The CD has been really great! Before I didn't think I would be able to design for the web but your tutorials were so clear and easy to follow I'm now looking forward to getting the next CD and hopefully start trying to produce some web sites, honestly. this really could change my life.

Keep up the good work

It is really appreciated and really makes a difference.

Thanks again


Hello Stefan;

It's a great learning experience to go through all your tutorials for a web-design beginner. Great Work! Astounding simplicity!

Thanks a lot! & Best Wishes.


Hello Stefan;

It's a great learning experience to go through all your tutorials for a web-design beginner. Great Work! Astounding simplicity!

Thanks a lot! & Best Wishes.


I for one am and have been satisfied with all of your teachings. It is because of your web site that I got started in web design. I know The business of web design videos will be a hit, at least with me they will.

Thanks for passing the knowledge,


Thanks you so much for taking the time to make these videos. I have watched them all, and found them to be extremely useful, sensible and interesting (from "don't reinvent the wheel/ seek open source solutions," to "dress code advice," to "be the sort of solution for your clients that you would hope to find as a client").

I look forward eagerly to future entries in this series. I am a web designer in the process of setting up a business, and your series came at just the right time.

I hope that you are feeling better (and not just because I'd like to see more videos).


Julia H.


Hi Stefan,

Hope your teeth are feeling better mate! I'm still working through your Flash for beginners CD couldn't believe it when I made my first basic site...brilliant!! Definitely going to get the Actionscript video tutorial soon. Just had a quick look at the video links and there looks like loads of stuff to get my teeth into... (oh sorry didn't mean to mention the teeth :-))

Your videos and information has been a real inspiration to me and I'm sure it is many others keep up the great work.

If there are other tutorial videos that are available for purchase Stefan please let me know! Anything you think may help, really enjoying learning!!



Even for a Computer Engineer w/ 30 yrs experience (but no real .css knowledge), I found the tutorial (and experimenting) to provide excellent quick access. For me a picture is a thousand words.

It also helped that I had installed and used the Firebug extension for Firefox. That was very handy for immediate experimentation.

Thank you.


Hi Stefan,

Firstly your videos on setting up a web design business have been a great help as I am a good designer but only have little skills in php and so on. So any way I just wanted to show my thanks of what your doing.

Kind regards




Thank you for this website business intro. So far I've only gone thru the intro video - I KNOW this will be very helpful to me. I dabbled in a website design business about 2 years ago, but then dropped it. I still do just a little on the side & I feel your shared knowledge will get me back into this on the right foot & maybe more than just on the side.

Thanks again - looking forward to going through the rest of the videos & more from you in the future - glad your dental health is improving!

Dan S.

Hi Stefan,

This is the first time I am seeing your web site. Now I got a confident that sure I too will become a good web designer. Thank you very much for providing me such a useful website. Next I will mail you when I create a website by myself only. Thank you very much.

With Regards,


Stefan I love the videos its always nice to learn something new, you’ve been a tremendous help.



Thanks so much! Like a couple other folks, this was by far the most best & approachable intro to CSS I've found.

I have a question though about the "#" which sets ID's apart from other CSS elements. such as a "." coming before an element. or an "a." what do these mean?

Thanks so much


I've been going through your tutorials, and they are fabulous! I just had a question about updating all your web pages at once. You mentioned it at the end of session 9 in the dreamweaver tutorials (saying it would be covered in another tutorial), but I couldn't find it anywhere else. I created with HTML, then I used Dreamweaver for CSS, forms, and such on the index page, and I want to apply all my changes to the rest of my there a shortcut??

I purchased your Flash tutorials, and will be going through them today. I can't thank you for such a great avenue to learn web design. I am a graphic designer, who never received extensive web teaching (I've heard that from so many young grads - teachers just don't know what they're talking about). I just recently became a Communications Director, and I needed to learn it fast. I never thought I would learn HTML in a day - and Dreamweaver in another...WOW! Looking forward to your advice...and the Flash tutorials! Have a great day!


Dear Sir,

I'm an Afghan student studying in China. I read your articles about Website Concepts. It was real fun going through each line; and of course useful too. (The humour in lines was A-one!)

Thanks for the same.




Dear Stefan,

Thanks for the video, they are marvelous and very easy to understand . I hope we are going to have more tutorial videos and these are not the last ones.

Keep up the good work!

I always want to design a database driven website I might be able to do it now.



Hi Stefan,

Firstly, thank you for providing the link to the training video on Dreamweaver. It would have to be one of the easiest to following instructive aids that I have come across in ages. Being a total non-Dreamweaver user, the video tutorials really showed how easy it really is to use the product and worth the cost.


Silvana N.


The Beginner' Flash MX tutorial was great, thanks for making such a great tutorial.

Sarmad M.



just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for your tutorials... I haven't been through them all yet, but after a cursory glance, I am thrilled to have found your site! I'm sort of feeling like "this is too good to be true, what will this guy want from me", but at any rate, I am so delighted to find a place to learn more about html code. Oh, and it seems really well done, too! :D

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kathy M.

Thank You Stefan,

Your CSS tutorial was very clear, and has encouraged me to try creating a site on my own!

Deepak S.

O My goodness! your CSS tutorials are easy to follow! I like the way the webpages are designed and your style of communicating...easy to follow, and easy on the eyes.. love it!!



I just discovered your free videos and I must say I am so impressed with the way you teach and explain PHP. I have been trying to enjoy learning this language for such a long time without much luck, always giving up cause it was too boring. But you changed all that. I have watched all the videos you had on PHP and now I await more!!

Thank you for such an excellent presentation and easy to understand format. And also, thanks for not ripping people off by making it free!! You should place a donation button on your page; I'm sure many would donate as a sign of appreciation, especially if you keep the vids coming. I know I would. How often do you put new videos up. Specifically, the PHP series??

Again, thank you so much!!!!!



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